A healthy diet is especially important for the elderly. Please answer this questionnaire in order to test your knowledge about macronutrients. Only one option is correct.

1. A healthy and equilibrated diet from a nutritional point of view should take into account the quantities of: 2. The following macronutrients are present in the foods you eat: 3. The main functions of proteins are: 4. What are the daily needs and energy value for proteins? 5. The most healthy sources of lipids are mainly of: 6. Lipids are important for your health status, because: 7. Which is the energy value of 1 g of lipids? 8. The main functions of Carbohydrates are: 9. Your nutritional needs (per day) with respect to carbohydrates are: 10. Cereals, potatoes, rice, pasta and legumes are the main sources of:

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